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The main role of a glue is to attach the components of an object to one another. So that, under different conditions, the set of connected parts will remain clinging to the projections of the design of that object. The components of the adhesives can be considered as polymeric materials and additives including softening agents, mineral filler materials, condensing agents and silane coupling agents. Past works show that about three thousand years ago, glue was used. The old glue had a bit of bitumen, and later in the Second World War, a mixture of phenolic resins with polycloperoprene was made of useful adhesives. From the nineteenth century, with the advent of synthetic adhesives made in the polymer industry, traditional and herbal and animal adhesives have been removed from the scene.  


Resin is a natural or synthetic compound and very sticky. It is usually soluble in alcohol, but not soluble in water. This compound is classified in a variety of ways, depending on the chemical composition and its use. This widely used material also has many uses in art, polymer production, and so on. Natural resin comes from plants and the best example is the pine tree sap which has a sharp smell. As you know, this material is very sticky, but it becomes stiff over time. A number of other plants also produce resins, and these materials have been used by humans for thousands of years. Some plants digest the same substance called gum, which does not react with water and is softer and more flexible. The color of the resin varies from transparent to dark brown, and its hardness and opacity vary. Some of them are very volatile because they contain unstable compounds. Mistake in detecting resinous trees can also cause disastrous events, because some of them contain heptane, which is a flammable and explosive hydrocarbon.


Anti-foam or silicone anti-foam is a chemical additive that reduces and prevents the formation of the foam created during the chemical process of liquids. Foam usually cause serious problems on the covering surface in conducting chemical processes and prevent the use of all container capacity of the material. Anti-foam is insoluble in the foam liquid, and its main characteristic is that it quickly and easily spreads over the surface of the floor. These materials usually move toward the surface between the air and remove the foam. In fact, any substance that creates instability effects on the foam is an anti-foam, and its efficiency depends on the chemical properties of the soluble, the operating conditions and the agents acting on the surface that causes the foam. Silicone anti-foaming and non-silicone flooring are used in various industrial applications to control or remove foam generation using efficiency optimization. They operate in difficult conditions, such as high temperatures and high pH values.

Bon Chemical Adhesive Industry And Resin Corporation

Bon chemical adhesive industry and resin corporation has started its official business with the production of homo-polymer resins of vinyl acetate and various industrial adhesives, since 1997. The start of the production of vinyl acetate copolymers in 2001 paved the way for the company to enter the country's color industry. The production capacity of the complex has been upgraded during 10 years from 800 tons in 1998 to more than 8,000 tons in 2008. This growing trend continued during the second decade of the company with the production of emulsion acrylic resins and various water-based resins, the development of the production of various types of specialized adhesives in industry and construction areas, as the company now is one of the main pillars of producing various industrial and industrial adhesives and emulsion resins in the country. Based on the general principles and general managerial vision of the company, in the following, according to the policy of the company's directors, it is always required to meet the needs and requirements of its customers, based on the following priorities: compliance all rights of consumers, providing products with the highest quality level, observance of technical principles and global standards, fair pricing of different types of industrial adhesives, conducting technical advice and providing specialized scientific services, allocating funds and paying special attention to research and development In order to achieve the most up-to-date and highly productive formulas, and interact with the scientific and valid sources, can give you dear customers honest and efficient services, during the years. Among the products manufactured by Bon adhesive industry and resin company, a variety of industrial adhesives can be mentioned, including: ceramic tile adhesive, nail adhesive, wood adhesive, spray adhesive, PU adhesive, industrial adhesive, silicone adhesive, adhesive 1-2, Adhesive, Adhesive, Adhesive, Bonding Adhesive, Adhesive, Base Adhesive, Concrete Adhesive, Iron Adhesive, Adhesive tube, Resin Types Including: Acrylic Styrene Resin, Vinyl Acrylic Copolymer Resin, Vinyl Acetate Resin, Pure Acrylic Resin and all kinds of additives include: Anti-foaming agents, softeners, detergents, condensers, dispersants. Experts and professional specialists in the chemical industry of Bon use highest quality of materials in producing all the company's products according to global standards.

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